NBA 2K14 Servers Brought Back Online Following Complaints

Players given another nine months to complete their single-player campaign; 2K Games amends server support policy.

NBA 2K14 MyCareer- Teammate Problems

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NBA 2K14 Next Gen – Server Connection Issue – Please Help? @LD2K @Ronnie2k @2KSupport

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NBA 2K14 Servers Go Offline & Take Users Saves With Them | Say What, 2K? for more gaming news, reviews & tech – Follow us on Facebook!

We all knew NBA 2K14’s servers were going down, but 2K Gams promised that your online save game would be safe. Seems like that’s not exactly the case…

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The REAL SHADY REASON Why 2K Shuts Off The Old Servers….

Have you ever wanted to go back and play an old NBA2K but can’t because the servers are down? I know I have, but have you ever wondered WHY they do that? Well in today’s video we are going to be discussing just that.

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