Mercenaries Walkthrough

War is hell, but luckily, it’s also pretty damn profitable. GameSpot’s Walkthrough to Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction will help you nab all of cards in the Deck of 52, give you tips on completing the game’s many missions, help you maneuver the political minefield of factional combat in North Korea, and supply you with maps for all of the game’s hidden bounty items.

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries – All Maps SSS Rank Walkthrough

Video with Resident Evil Village Mercenaries – All Maps SSS Rank Walkthrough

��️All SSS Mercenaries Playlist is Here:

Timestamps provided by m0chi:
0:00 The Village
10:28 The Castle
27:00 The Factory
39:09 The Mad Village
57:08 The Village II
1:07:16 The Castle II
1:24:34 The Factory II
1:41:41 The Mad Village II

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Resident Evil 8 Village Winter’s Expasion – Mercenaries: Bloody River – SSS Rank Walkthrough

Resident Evil 8 Village Winter’s Expansion – Mercenaries: Bloody River – SSS Rank Walkthrough – How to Unlock Eisenberg and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu as Playable Characters (using Chris Redfield)

Resident Evil Village (RE8) Videos:
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Getting an S Rank in all levels unlocks an achievement/trophy. Getting an SS Rank in all levels unlocks the LZ Answerer Weapon (Lightsaber). Getting an SSS Rank in all levels makes you feel like the ultimate Resident Evil player. Get A Rank in all levels unlocks Heisenberg and Getting S Rank in the DLC levels unlocks Lady Dimitrescu.

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Mercenaries Starter Guide! What Comps to Work Towards? – Hearthstone Mercenaries Tips

With the big changes we got to how tasks work in the most recent patch I wanted to provide a resource that would be helpful to new or returning players on what to work towards unit and comp wise so that no matter what you pick you will have characters that are useful in both PvE and PvP content! I did a more indepth video talking about some of these unit cores that can be found in the link below if you want more info on how they can be farmed and what skills are most useful + why!

More Indepth Core Comps Info:

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0:00-1:13 Intro
1:14- 3:36 Deck Tracker
3:37-11:25 Tasks, 1-1 Farming, Camp Upgrades
11:26-15:07 Mysterious Stranger Farming
15:08-22:07 New Player Comp + My F2P EU Team
22:08-28:13 Nature Core
28:14-32:59 Beast Core
33:00-38:43 Arcane Core
38:44-44:10 Fire Core
44:11-50:24 Dragon Core
50:25-55:46 Frost Core
55:47-57:11 Wrap Up

RE4 Mercenaries Guide – Tips & Tricks – Leon – All Maps

In the Mercenaries, you are tasked to defeat as many enemies as you can in an allotted time in order to receive a high score and potentially unlock the secret weapon, the Handcannon. To unlock the Handcannon you need 60,000 points on each map with each character, but a lot of players struggle with this because they don’t know the best strategies. The vast majority of players struggle most with Leon over any other character.
This is my guide on how to turn Leon from a useless failure of a character into an unbeatable powerhouse. With years of experience gunning for high scores in Mercenaries, in this video I’ll share some of the best and often times subtle strategies that change the difficulty dramatically!
And for those who don’t know, you can access Leon’s alternate costumes when selecting him in the character menu:
Triangle + X = Jacket
R2 + X = RPD Uniform
Triangle + R2 + X = Mafia Costume.

Intro: 00:00
Village: 01:04
Castle: 05:13
Base: 08:43
Waterworld: 12:32

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