Donkey Konga 2 Review

The drumming action itself is still responsive and entertaining, but the whole package simply doesn’t feel as inspired as the original, and it makes little effort to expand or improve upon its predecessor.

Donkey Kong Country 2 No Banana Challenge | Battle Square | The Completionist

On this Battle Square challenge I’m playing one of my favorite games; Donkey Kong Country 2, but with a twist: I can’t touch any of the bananas without taking a bite out of a banana myself. Let’s see how far we can get through this game while avoiding bananas. No Banana Run here we go!

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Battle Square is a show where I take suggested challenges and do my best to complete them! That’s what Battle Square is all about! From user submitted to office submitted challenges, I take on whatever I can that will just make my life hell when playing these games. If you're a fan of wild, unpredictable gaming, don't miss these crazy games online!

Let me know what you thought about today’s Battle Square and what you think about these Donkey Kong Country 2 challenges!

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Donkey Konga 2 – Trepak

Gorilla’s Gold – Song 2

I’d say that the tricky part is getting down the 1 121 1 2 2 3 beats.

Nostalgic Reviews | Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

In this new series, I review games from my childhood, games that shaped and molded me into the gamer and collector I am today. I also want to inspire all gamers out there to go back and play some of these games. So please, sit back and enjoy this nostalgia trip. -Old Mate Bowser

Donkey Konga 2 Gametrailers Review