U.S.A.: The other day’s Insurrection Was An Assault on Freedom by White Supremacists as well as Fascists: A message from CWA Head of state Chris Shelton

Yesterday, the globe enjoyed as armed insurrectionists, with the support of the President of the United States, introduced an assault on the Capitol in an attempt to undermine our democracy as well as avoid Congress from certifying the outcomes of the Governmental election.Two images from their stopped working attempt to violently invalidate the votes of numerous Americans make their objectives absolutely clear: the sight of the confederate flag being paraded with the halls of the Senate and also a message inscribed on a door,” Murder the media. “White preeminence is a poisonous substance that has actually been with us because

the beginning of our nation, and the confederate flag is its sign, suggested to put down and also terrorize Black, brown, Eastern and Pacific Islander, as well as Indigenous people. That was the objective of this crowd and the Head of state who asked to assemble on his behalf. Liberty of journalism is the first target of fascists almost everywhere, as they look for to silence resistance and suppress any information that contradicts the alternate truth that their conceited leader produces to sustain his racist fantasy globe. This freedom is preserved in our Constitution due to the fact that a healthy democracy is not feasible without a free press. There is no doubt that each day that Donald Trump

continues to hold the powers of the Presidency offers a major danger to the safety and security of millions of American and to the security of our nation. He arranged an insurrection while ignoring a pandemic. Legislators as well as members of the Cabinet have actually taken an oath to protect our Constitution and also they have to act to remove him from office right away before he does better damage to our country and freedom. We have to not mislead ourselves. Completion of Trump’s presidency does not

suggest an end to white supremacy in our government. After forcing Congress to get away as well as ruining the Capitol for hrs, the insurrectionists were complimentary to go out the door as well as head residence. After they returned to the Capitol, half of the Republican members of the House of Representatives, that are guilty of aiding and also abetting this insurrection, elected to reverse the will of the American individuals.

Much too many politicians allowed Donald Trump to build and sustain power. Business CEOs and board members, driven only by the size of their ton of money, continue to extract riches from our labor and also cynically manipulate bigotry for their very own gain.

Together with the cost-free press, free, autonomous labor unions like ours are targets of fascists that fear the power of employees united alike reason. We should continue to be dedicated to the fight to strengthen our democracy and also resist white supremacy as well as fascism. We should proceed the process we started last spring to strengthen our efforts to take down racism, including bigotry within our union. Together we will certainly develop power for all functioning individuals.