YaLa Projectbook

In 2012-3, YaLa-Young Leaders designed a collection of innovative and interactive online projects, meant to bring together Middle Eastern youth to communicate, learn, create, play and share, including:

  • an online media platform
  • sports peace academy
  • online IT business accelerators
  • online language training
  • alternative tourism

YaLa Art Gallery

In 2012 a YaLa-Young Leaders Online Art Gallery was created to bring together young photographers and artist from the region to join and form a new artistic-group, based on YaLa’s vision to give the young generation in the Middle East a leading voice in shaping its future and destiny. The gallery was a shared space for artists, photographers and the audience alike to share views, believes and aspirations for the future. http://yala-young.blogspot.co.il/

Tech Camp Tel-Aviv: Empowering Women Through Technology: April 30th-May 1st 2012

YaLa was invited to the Tech Camp Tel Aviv Conference, held in partnership by the Appleseeds Academy and the U.S. State Department, whose mission is to empower women through technology. Over the course of the conference, leading Israeli and Palestinian female civil society leaders and entrepreneurs participate in interactive workshops, teaching low-cost, easy to implement technologies that will help them deal with the challenges and goals that stand before each and every woman at the beginning of the 21st century.

YaLa and Microsoft R&D Israeli-Palestinian Tech Summer Camp

Another early initiative of YaLa was cooperation with Microsoft R&D Israel to involve Palestinian youth in their annual summer camp for excellent computer science and electrical engineering students. This was the first year that the camp was opened to applications from both Israeli and Palestinian students. Through YaLa a number of Palestinian students applied for the program and were accepted. The Tech Camp took place September 18-22, 2011 at the Microsoft R&D Center in Herzliya, Israel during which time the students furthered their knowledge of the C# programming language, developed projects and competed in a final contest.

“My City, My Life” Photography Contest

Among the first initiatives of YaLa was a photography contest themed “My City, My Life” in which Palestinian & Israeli members were encouraged to submit photos expressing their relationships with their urban or rural surroundings. The contest was intended to give community members a visual peek into the day-to-day lives of one another. The subject chosen for the competition, “My City, My Life”, brought to the fore photographs varying from the overtly political, to more universal images that required captions to identify the locations in which they were taken. Reactions to the competition and to the photographs overwhelmingly demonstrated the value of making visual acquaintances with the reality of “the other” – community members had the opportunity to see differences and similarities between Palestinians and Israelis and within each of the societies. From the dozens of photos submitted to the contest, the two that received the most votes on the YaLa Facebook page, photos by Yuval Hidas and Mohammad AlHaj, won the contest. The two were also nominated as cross-conflict Friendship Champions by Stanford University and Facebook-endorsed “Friends Without Borders”.

Presentation in the CP Millenio, Granada Annual Meeting – 12th– 16th October 2011

YaLa representative Naama Shamgar took part an annual meeting that brings together for a whole week hundreds of participants with high interest in Science, Digital Creation and New Information technology to attend top lectures and workshops. Every year, the event invites a great variety of key professionals/trendsetters worldwide to give an inspirational talk. Big personalities like Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Neil Armstrong, Tim Berners-Lee, Kevin Mitnick, Alfonso Cuaron, Nicholas Negroponte, David Calkins, Jon Hall and others. The event is included on the official events agenda of the celebration of the Andalusi Legacy millennium, and invited in 2011 800 top pre-selected talented people from the 22 countries of the Mediterranean Basin, within the different disciplines traditionally covered in CP, that had the opportunity to show their projects, share knowledge and to attend the activities of our content agenda. YaLa took part in a workshop named ‘Technology for the peace ‘, which presented different international initiatives that through new technologies try to promote cooperation and help socioeconomic development as a means of achieving peace.