The YaLa Press blog/new media platform are the human face of the Middle East. They are the first ever blog platforms to connect young Arabs and Israelis from across the region. The project has thus far reached many great milestones:

  • Published over 300 blog posts with young leaders sharing their thoughts, experiences, frustrations and hopes about peace, gender equality, identity, coexistence, development and daily life in this region.
  • Featured citizen journalists from across the Middle East & North Africa including Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen and beyond.
  • Published photo-essays and videos from YaLa citizen journalists from across the region.
  • Published blogs dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the Syria conflict, President Obama’s visit, Nelson Mandela’s passing, revolution and its aftermath in Egypt, civil war in Iraq, the aftermath of the Arab Spring, gender equality & more.
  • Featured bloggers in the Huffington Post, +972 Magazine, Students For Israel, and other online platforms.

Visit YaLa Press to see for yourself and contact if you would like to contribute!