YaLa Young Leaders develops and implements various projects and activities to empower its members and advance its values and objectives.

YaLa’s flagship project is the YaLa Academy, which is an innovative online institution for the formation of future regional peace leadership through online training by leading academic institutions and practitioners from around the world, coupled with online discussions, interactive activities, events and projects.

Another key project of YaLa Young Leaders is the YaLa Press.  This unique blog & new media platform brings to light the untold stories of the young generation of the Middle East & North Africa. The platform highlights the human dimension of the MENA region by bringing the relatable personal experiences and complex realities, often neglected by mainstream media coverage, to the forefront. Find out more here.

Through advocacy and policy initiatives, YaLa members are working together to create and enact a new vision for a Middle East and North Africa region, of freedom, equality, prosperity and peace, based on the YaLa MENA Peace Initiative. YaLa’s Advocacy efforts include various forms of peace activism, including campaigns such as No More Excuses and There Is Another Way. Find out more here.

See also our Events, or past projects and activities.