UK: Visentini: ‘There is no form of Brexit that will improve the lives of working individuals’

Talking about the EU-UK offer Luca Visentini, ETUC General Assistant claimed “There is no kind of Brexit that will improve the lives of functioning people.” “Although Head of state von der Leyen states fair competition and an equal opportunity are made certain, it would indicate really little if long-drawn out adjudication was the primary method to deal …

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Kyrgyzstan: Increased Disturbance in Profession Union Activities – Take Out Restrictive Bill; Ensure Right to Organize

(Bishkek )– Kyrgyz authorities have boosted analysis of profession union leaders, consisting of via criminal examinations, and also are unduly conflicting in legitimate trade union activities in the country, Civil rights Watch stated today.

“Kyrgyzstan’s management should value the right of trade unions to connect and organize easily, not meddle in interior trade union activities and also processes,” said Syinat Sultanalieva, Central Asia scientist at Human being Legal right Watch. Eldiyar Karachalov, chair of the trade union of building workers, a union participant of the federation, said that the compensation asked trade union leaders to supply considerable information regarding their organizational, monetary, and economic activities.Trade union leaders have resisted giving such information to the legislative compensation, contending that the need is unjustified government interference. Asanakunov unsuccessfully brought two court obstacles versus the federation’s choice, in February as well as March.According to participants of the Central Asia Labour Rights Keeping Track Of Mission, a network of Main Eastern as well as worldwide profession union as well as human legal rights teams, given that February, legislation enforcement authorities in Bishkek have launched over 50 criminal investigations into profession union lobbyists involving interrogations and searches of their homes, based on insurance claims made by Asanakunov. The draft law, if embraced, would certainly obligate commercial and regional profession unions to sign up with a higher-tier trade union body, conflicting in the right of profession unions to freely establish their own structures.

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Belarus: Solidarity with Belarusian reporters: ‘I am a journalist. Why do you defeat me?’

The Gloss Organization of Journalists (SDP), in cooperation with the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU), the Belarusian Organization of Journalists (BAJ) and also the European Federation of Reporters (EFJ) today offered guide “I am a reporter. Why do you beat me? “, as part of an action of uniformity with repressed journalists in …

Belarus: Solidarity with Belarusian journalists: ‘I am a journalist. (EFJ) today offered the publication “I am a reporter. The book is a collection of 20 tales of Belarusian journalists, targets of suppression just since they accomplish their specialist task: to notify concerning the presentations taking place in their country. Download here the English variation of the book “I am a reporter.

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