Belarus: Solidarity with Belarusian reporters: ‘I am a journalist. Why do you defeat me?’

The Polish Organization of Journalists (SDP), together with the National Union of Reporters of Ukraine (NUJU), the Belarusian Association of Reporters (BAJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today presented the book “I am a reporter. Why do you beat me? “, as part of an action of uniformity with quelched reporters in Belarus.

Guide is a collection of 20 tales of Belarusian reporters, targets of repression even if they meet their professional obligation: to inform concerning the demos occurring in their nation. The supervisor of the publication is Sergiy Tomilenko, President of NUJU, participant of the Guiding Board of the EFJ. The authors of the records and meetings are Belarusian reporters: Kateryna Andreeva (currently offering a two-month jail sentence), Olga Ivashenko, Ihor Ilyash and also Ukrainian reporter Nazariy Vivcharyk.

“We desire details concerning the mistreatment of reporters in Belarus to be disseminated as commonly as feasible and also heard around the world,” claimed Krzysztof Skowronski, head of state of SDP.

“Words are our tools. We will certainly safeguard reporters. We will not remain quiet regarding what is taking place in Belarus. We will certainly demand respect for our legal rights and our job,” included Sergiy Tomilenko.

The heroes of the tales provided in the book are reporters from the independent Belarusian media, consisting of Belsat, Euroradio, Nasha Niva, Radio Svoboda, portal. The titles of guide’s phases demonstrate how incredibly tough the living and also working problems of Belarusian reporters are today: “They removed me nude and kicked me in the stomach”, “I was locked up in a torture chamber”, “I was like in the war”, “When I was hit by a bullet, I stated ‘oh’ and also kept running”…

“Because the beginning of this awful crisis, I am extremely pleased with the international mobilisation in favour of Belarusian journalists. In these tough times, we require international solidarity especially. And also I regret the sluggish reaction of the European Union, the Council of Europe and also the OSCE. Precious coworkers, you can trust the EFJ to remain to tax European policy-makers. The EFJ will certainly remain to support free and also independent journalism in Belarus,” stated EFJ General Assistant Ricardo Gutiérrez.

The book wants to reach as broad a target market as possible all over the world, which is why it has been published in five languages: Polish, English, Belarusian, Ukrainian and also Russian.

Download and install right here the English variation of guide “I am a reporter. Why do you beat me?”.