<aZimbabwe: ZCTU fumes as unionist imprisoned 16 months over wage protest

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Information By Staff Reporter THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade( ZCTU)has issued a strong condemnation of the harsh jail time handed against trade unionist, Sheila Chisirimunhu for protesting versus underpayment

. Chisirimunhu, a participant of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ), has been imprisoned for 16 months over a June demonstration in Masvingo.

She had signed up with various other educators in Masvingo for the objection.

According to ZCTU acting assistant basic Sylvester Mutindindi, the profession unionist had been amongst “clearly much less 50 observing all Covid-19 regulations and were peaceful” during the protest.

Police caught the protesters who all fled save for Chisirimunhu that was the just one unfavorable to be arrest.

The ZCTU official claimed the unionist was founded guilty for holding a banner engraved, “USD incomes currently!”.

Said Mutindindi, “The ZCTU thinks this is a losing the unborn baby of justice and also an attack on workers Constitutional right to show and also request. This is an effort to silence as well as scare employees to take part in any type of future demonstrations.

“This is a sad day in the history of trade unions. The ZCTU will do whatever is possible to support her and also ARTUZ in this darkest hour.”

The Zanu PF led government presiding over severe anti-protest legislations has taken a hard stance against protests with protestors often accused of attempts to topple the under-fire administration.

In Might this year, MDC Alliance MP Joanna Mamombe and 2 women event lobbyists declared kidnapping and torture by presumed state safety agents after the had signed up with other opposition young people present a flash protest against federal government in the high density suburban area of Warren Park, some 5km outside the Harare CBD.