Shimon Peres“You live in a new age where you can communicate freely, without censorship, without prejudices, without hatred, over all borders, all distances, on all subjects. I believe that you can build a better world… I am sure that what you are doing now is an important step, an important channel, to bring a new future to all of us.”

“I think YaLa is a great movement, an important one because finally peace will be built by people, more than by governments.”

Shimon Peres, 9th President of the State of Israel

Mahmoud Abbas“Proud, pride, humbleness, respect and administration, these are my feelings today while I am congratulating you for the launch of the YaLa – Young Leaders Movement… The lesson we are learning from you is that the winds of change cannot be stopped when people, especially young women and men, are pushing away all boundaries… We now know that we can hand you the torch of the great responsibility of achieving a real and endurable peace in our region.”

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton“Armed with conviction and aided by technology, you pushed forward the political, economic, and social change that is now pulsing across the region. And your voices will continue to be invaluable in the process of brokering regional peace… I admire your resolve to engage in these difficult discussions. I look forward to hearing your ideas, your perspectives, and your vision for the future.”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

kimoon“One million young people with one million solutions can transform the region and the future. Thank you for being voices of moderation and for standing up for freedom, tolerance, justice and peace. The United Nations will continue standing with you.”

Ban Ki-Moon; Secretary General of the United Nations

mogherini“The European Union stands on your side; the side of peace, and I am personally on your side, the side of peace… I am one of 1 million and much more so please, count me in!”

Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

stone“Each person can’t wait for another person to create peace. Peace isn’t something that some politician or some star is going to get for you. Peace is an action, and it’s an action that you yourself will do each day, and I’m proud of you.”

Sharon Stone, Renowned Actress and Head of the Culture and Arts Department of the YaLa-Young Leaders Online Academy (YLOA)

getty“Thank you YaLa, you are our greatest hope. Peace always.”

Aileen Getty, President of the Aileen Getty Foundation

fischer“It is your participation that makes possible the YaLa online movement for change, for partnership, for social justice, peace and prosperity across the Middle East. It is through your participation, dialogue and search for common ground that gives hope to so many of us all around the world.”

David Fischer, Vice President of Facebook

pope“His holiness is confident that this imaginative application of modern communications technology will open up new possibilities for the Lord to bless his people with peace (cf. Ps 28:11), harnessing the good will and generosity of countless young Arabs and Israelis who are committed to the path of constructive dialogue and peaceful partnership.”

Pope Benedict XVI

billclinton“The conference and the other activities of the YaLa-Young Leaders movement have enormous potential not only to improve relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors, but to enrich lives across the region. I wish you great success as you move forward with this exciting initiative.”

Bill Clinton

summers“YaLa and its education programs are so important and that’s why I am so honored to be here in support of this great initiative.”

Larry Summers, former US Secretary of the Treasury and former President of Harvard University

stern“For me one of the most encouraging shared characteristics of the many changes we’ve seen in Egypt, in Tunisia and elsewhere, is that they have come from the youth of those nations and I hope that these events strengthen your confidence and your resolve to make changes of your own.. Sports are already a unifying force. It is the healthiest sort of conflict one can engage in, and sports transcend language and cultural barriers in ways that few things can.. I wish you the best in your ongoing quest to bring peace to the region. There is no finer goal any place in the world.”

Mr. David Stern, Commissioner of the NBA

smith“What I love, is how everyone is using the internet to interconnect for peacebuilding, for creating economic opportunity together. It’s really a collaborative medium.”

Megan Smith; Chief Technology Officer of the United States

“I am proud and honored to be able to convey to you my admiration…and to stress also how important your work is…because the future of the Middle East lies in your hands and we have to work together on many fronts to achieve positive change and also to combat radicalization. It will not be easy, but we mustn’t give up.”

Hon. Margot Wallstom; Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden

“You can silence one person, but you cannot silence one million. When a million courageous young people from Casablanca to Baghdad, from Tel Aviv to Sana, speak out for peace, equality and a better future, the world must listen.”

Mr. Børge Brende, Foreign Minister of Norway

“In a time when some actors, full of hatred and rancor, use the connecting magic of online platforms to enhance pain and suffering, inciting extremist violence, the YaLa movement uses this digital era with the noble objective of achieving peace and, in overcoming the gap between the Israelis and Palestinians, a better world.”

Hon. José Manuel Garcia-Margallo; Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs

“France, as you know is very keen about peace and security, and we are pleading for some evolution in method…You are part of this evolution in method! You are part of the necessary mobilization for we need you to build peace for the future.”

Hon. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of France

“It is vital that organizations such as YaLa exist to make sure that the youth voice in support of peace is heard. Your voices, the voices of future generations, are vital to the debate. And, as future leaders, you bring hope that we will reach a resolution.”

Tobias Ellwood MP, UK Minister for the Middle East and North Africa

“I believe that the work that you are doing is very important…war, extremism, violence destroys people’s lives, destroys economic assets and makes it impossible for us to achieve our objective of making people’s lives better to eliminate poverty from our world.”

Hafez Ghanem; Vice President of the World Bank

“What YaLa represents is the hope for the region…the willingness to talk to the other, to respect the other, to accept that through coexistence and tolerance and mutual respect and the concept of mutual dignity that, in fact, there could be a different future for this region.”

Ambassador Dennis Ross, Distinguished Fellow at the Washington Institute and former Senior Middle East Advisor to four U.S Presidents

“There is strength within the hearts of young people that can move mountains…I see you, young people of YaLa, demonstrating that only together, united, through envisioning a shared sure future can we succeed in making this world a much better place.”

Stav Shaffir, Member of the Knesset

“They say the odds for peace in the Middle East are 1 in a million. But, YaLa, you change those odds, you are a million in a million! You are a million miracles, each and every one of you.”

Laura Blumenfeld; Woodrow Wilson Center Scholar and Former State Department Senior Policy Advisor for Israeli Palestinian negotiations

“Peace matters and young people drive peace. It is why I support YaLa Young Leaders…As a journalist by training. I am thrilled about the inauguration of the YaLa Academy’s School of Citizen Journalism- the first of its kind in the world.”

Tara Sonenshine; former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

“Hello dear friends of YaLa, Shalom and Salam.. My message to you today is very clear, it has to do with doing.. If you decide to do something you will immediately start a wave of change, which will only grow stronger and stronger.. I’m sure that there are a lot of like-minded people out there, we only have to reach out to each other and YaLa is an excellent way of doing that.”

Achinoam “Noa” Nini, Israeli Musical Artists

“On behalf of President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the people of the United States…congratulations on reaching the milestone of 1 million members from all over the Middle East and North Africa. For the past 4 years YaLa has been a great partner with the State Department and we’ve enjoyed watching this community grow into the powerful network that it is today.”

Richard Stengel, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

“You are working for peace…and I congratulate you for having chosen this path. Never apologize for doing the right thing.”

Mohammed Dajani, Founder of the Wastia movement & Weston Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy

“Extraordinary YaLa-ites, imagine what you’ve done: one million voices raised, both directly and indirectly, in support of a region that’s more secure more peaceful and more prosperous…that’s an extraordinary accomplishment and you should be very proud.”

Aaron David Miller, Vice President of the Woodrow Wilson International Center and former Middle East Peace negotiator

“YaLa Academy is an important vehicle for peace in the Middle East and North Africa. As we continue to see conflicts among leaders, conflict among different nations and religions, our best hope for the future is the kind of connections that are formed through the education that the YaLa Academy provides.”

Prof. Christopher L. Eisgruber, President of Princeton University

“I want to congratulate all of you on your efforts and endeavors to bring peace…We play together in the same team which knows neither religions nor borders and has only one goal, to create a better future for our children. Keep going!”Pep Guardiola, Head Coach of Bayern Munchen and former Head Coach of F.C. Barcelona Coach

“It’s really a great achievement for YaLa and a great achievement for all of you that you come together in this way, forming an online community that ignores the borders of conflict that have created so much bloodshed and war over so many decades in the Middle East.”

Martin Indyk, Executive Vice President of the Brookings Institution & former Special Envoy of Secretary Kerry for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

“More than ever, I believe that young leaders can lead the way to a better future for peace… I will work with you to make true those values and to support your efforts, specifically the YaLa-Young Leaders Online Academy which could challenge differently the status-quo and give a new chance for a just and last peace in our region.”

Mr. André Azoulay, President of the Anna Lindh Foundation

“One million dynamic young women and men from across the Middle East and North Africa…Each of you is an ambassador of peace, each of you is a flag bearer for a united humanity, sharing values, a past and a future UNESCO stands with you.”Amb. Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

“We’re very pleased today to be participating and partnering with YaLa.. We’re seeing incredible opportunity for the youth of the Middle East to be focusing on new, exciting opportunities that will make their lives and the world a better place.. For us it’s this life-cycle of young student, ideas, and entrepreneurs with great ideals making te change in the world as they think about how to build businesses that will make change everywhere locally.”

Mr. Dan’l Lewin, Vice President of Microsoft

“It has been nearly two years since Israeli and Palestinian leaders have negotiated their peoples’ future… But over the past month, the Facebook page has surprised those involved by the enthusiasm it has generated, suggesting that the Facebook-driven revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt may offer guidance for coexistence efforts as well.”New York Times Article