“Young people hold Middle East peace talks online” in the Associated PressAl-Arabiya, Haaretz, Huffington Post and 100s of other media outlets.

new_york_times_logo The New York Times “Virtual Bridge Allows Strangers in Mideast to Seem Less Strange” nyt-scrnsht
foriengn-policy-logo Foreign Policy Magazine “YaLa Young Leaders: How a Facebook organization could transform the Middle East” fp-scrnshot
almonitor_logo Al-Monitor “Arab-Israeli peace academy honors Mandela’s legacy” almonitor
the-daily-beast-logo The Daily Beast “Diplomats from Around the World Join Forces to Train Young Israeli, Palestinian Leaders” the-daily-beast-scrnshot
jpost-logo Jerusalem Post “Iftar for peace: Palestinians break fast with Israelis in West Bank” jp-scrnshot
washington-post-logo The Washington Post “Israel-Arab youth take peace talks to Facebook” wp-scrnsht
logder-spiegel-o Der Spiegel “Israel und Palästina Friedensbemühungen auf Facebook” dersp-scrnsht
cbs-logo CBS News/AP Wire “Virtual” Mideast peace conference on Facebook cbs-scrsht
lemondelogo Le Monde “Le camp de la paix mise sur le Web” le-monde
al-hurra-logo Al-Hurra TV Feature on YaLa Young Leaders (Arabic) al-hurra-scrnsht
i24news I24 TV Feature on YaLa Young Leaders (English) i24news-scrnsht
mako_logo_ Channel 2 TV Feature on YaLa Young Leaders (Hebrew with English subtitles) mako-scrnsht
puze-tv-logo Fuze TV Feature on YaLa Young Leaders (Arabic) fuze-tv-scrnsht

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