In just four years since its founding in May 2011, the YaLa Young Leaders movement has achieved considerable results and important milestones, including:
  • Growing into the largest regional peace movement with nearly 1,000,000 members from every country in the Middle East and North Africa;
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind online education institute – the YaLa Academy – which has already trained more than 1,200 peace leaders of tomorrow in our innovative MENA Leaders for Change program and YaLa Peace Institute in Honor of Nelson Mandela;
  • Inaugurating the unique Aileen Getty School of Citizen Journalism and the YaLa Press online media platform to empower the young generation of the Middle East to bring their stories to the world;
  • Creating a sister movement – YaLa Africa – to connect and empower young African leaders to advance innovative development and education programs;
  • Engaging the wider global community in our efforts to build a more peaceful world with extensive International Partnerships in various sectors and industries;
  • Reaching millions with our peace advocacy campaigns promoting messages of tolerance, coexistence, understanding, and shared humanity through social media and beyond.