Germany: 76th wedding anniversary of Auschwitz liberation: German, Israeli, and Polish profession unions unite to claim ‘Never once again’

To celebrate the 76th wedding anniversary of the freedom of the German Nazi focus and death camp of Auschwitz, Education International’s participant organisations in Germany, Israel, and also Poland organised an e-seminar on 27 January qualified “A child witness of history”.

The Israel Teachers’ Union (ITU) general secretary, Yaffa Ben David, honoured the memory of educator and also physician Janusz Korczak, whose educational as well as value-based ideas are the basis for numerous education fertilizations and the foundation for the UN Convention on the Civil Liberties of the Youngster. Ben David emphasized that “education and learning has to be based on the regard for kids, not the grownups’ will.”Over 200,000 youngsters were killed in Auschwitz,” stated Dr. Piotr M. A. Cywiński, the supervisor of the Gallery. At the very least 232,000 youngsters and also young individuals were deported to Auschwitz.

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Kazakhstan: Independent Union Under Threat of Suspension

(Berlin)– The Kazakhstan authorities’effort to have an independent profession union’s operations suspended is an offense of employees ‘fundamental rights to arrange as well as link, Civil rights Watch said today. On February 1, 2021, a Shymkent court is set up to resume consideration of the Shymkent City Administration’s suit against the Industrial Profession Union of Fuel …

“Less than a year ago Kazakhstan took necessary steps to modify its extremely limiting 2014 trade union law, but currently the authorities are fracturing down on yet one more independent trade union.”

The claim submitted versus an independent commercial trade union standing for workers in Kazakhstan’s oil and also gas industry asserts that the union violated registration arrangements in the profession union law. In May 2020, Kazakhstan finally presented modifications to its limiting trade union regulation that make the enrollment procedure more uncomplicated as well as lift the compulsory association requirement.While the amendments did much to deal with historical objection from the International Work Organisation, the European Union, as well as the International Profession Union Confederation relating to the limiting space for profession union organizing in Kazakhstan, this instance versus ITUFEW makes clear that Kazakh authorities still have a lot more to do to ensure that trade unions in Kazakhstan can function easily and without concern of harassment or forced suspension.The Kazakh authorities ought to drop the case against ITUFEW and also enable independent profession unions to register and also run in line with worldwide labor requirements ratified by Kazakhstan, Human Rights Watch said.”The improvements to the profession union legislation are absolutely nothing but lip service if Kazakh authorities are still trying to immobilize independent profession unions in practice,”Rittmann stated.

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Haiti: Combating for members’ survival

ACCOUNT From Global Employee No. 2 November 2020 Text: Laura Carter Nation: Haiti Union: Groupement des Travailleurs(euses)du Textile pour

la Réexportation d’Assemblage

(GOSTTRA )The young union has almost increased its membership in the past 8 years and also now represents 2,300 employees in eleven manufacturing facilities, yet the hostility of employers and also the government’s failing to …

Union: Groupement des Travailleurs(euses) du Fabric put la Réexportation d’Assemblage

(GOSTTRA) The young union has nearly increased its membership in the past 8 years and also now stands for 2,300 employees in eleven manufacturing facilities, however the hostility of companies and the federal government’s failure to protect employees’ rights present a real challenge to membership growth at a time when Haitian garment employees seriously need strong unions.Haiti’s garment employees deal with an unclear future. Approximately a 3rd of the country’s 57,000 garment employees are currently put on hold or ended and have yet to get any kind of compensation from the government in spite of earlier guarantees. Haitian garment employees battle with the situation of hunger salaries on a day-to-day basis, as well as the situation has aggravated as food costs have actually increased.”Lafontant created out a checklist of the daily expenditures sustained by garment employees and handed it to President. GOSSTRA, along with its national center CTSP as well as other garment unions are collaborating their initiatives to press for defense for garment workers.

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